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FREE PAYWARE!! 1. Click your internet browser 2.Go to 3.Search a torrent with the aircraft of your choise 4.Download torrent (save or open) 5.Open the torrent in limewire 6.Follow the staps from the torrent that you downloaded Good luck!

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25 Responses to Free Payware Fsx

  1. begeura says:

    use peerblocker

  2. godbqfightingsaints says:

    I got a ISP warning last time I downloaded off that site

  3. XiaoDanDragon says:

    I have a bunch a cracked pay ware and nothing happened! Just download cracked ones its ok!

  4. LEINAD0065 says:


  5. pokematt99 says:

    go to

    w w w . fs payware spot . blog spot .c o m

    for all ur payware needs
    remove the spaces, no scam, no surveys, no torrents. stuff like pmdg 737 ngx, flytampa, carenado, level-d and more soon.

  6. FlyPortable says:

    try the best virusscanner before you open a file, belive me, its good stuf

  7. TheDiego1255 says:

    how do i know this is safe?

  8. 323tiim says:

    Oh, thought they WERE payware! My bad! Thank you for helping me! :)

  9. FlyPortable says:

    just go to the payware section:)

  10. 323tiim says:

    Hey again! I now created an account, but i dont see how i can download any planes! Could you give me a hint how?!

  11. 323tiim says:

    wow thank you man!

  12. FlyPortable says:

    np, if you got questions, I ‘m one of the admins of the site, so you know who to have:)

  13. 323tiim says:

    ill try! thanks!

  14. FlyPortable says:

    use fsxpay.webs . com , yust the download, without torrents!

  15. 323tiim says:

    I cant go to piratebay, my whole countrey is banned from this website, anybody that send send me some files???


  16. FlyPortable says:


  17. borlaking1234 says:

    better to download bit torrent or u torrent…you chose what is better for me both..

  18. FlyPortable says:

    use fsxpay.webs . com

  19. correes says:

    Limewire has shut down

  20. almusharf345 says:

    copy and paste this in youtube search box ( fs-sky egyproductions)

  21. almusharf345 says:


  22. Brandon Carroll says:

    utorrent works great

  23. mboy3515 says:

    new website here–i am the owner of a site called fsxpay. FsxPay is a free online community where you will be able to download payware and freeware items for free. So far i have 2 people helping me maintain the site and i have about 25 payware items including rex, areosoft, flytampa, captain sim and alot more. If you like to be a uploader or writeer on the website pm me on youtube or send me a email at
    site—- fsxpay.webs.(com)
    with out () marks

  24. mboy3515 says:

    i am creating a flash website where you can download free payware planes and scenery. So far i have about 100 files on my pc and have about 15 up on the site and i need help keeping the site up and runing. If you would like to join me just pm me.

  25. Greenman5582 says:

    You are a cheapskate this is illegal and you are breaking the law

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