Ikarus Aerofly 5.5. Simulator. Here’s what you get.

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** Read please!** News Flash! Aerofly 5.5.07 is now available and even better. Best part? Flying online. Free upgrade gets you all this. If your thinking about purchasing the Award Winning Aerofly 5, you will probably want to watch this first. My opinion is based on my personal 55 years of flying experience so I take a closer look for you here. If your going to spend 9 for a sim, you may want to look too. *Note: Instead of trying to use game recording software, which does not allow me to use my mouse during recordings, I simply aimed my Canon Powershot Elph at the screen to make these shots. Please don’t tell me to use the software. Also, if you comment that you like your sim better, I would bet you don’t own Aerofly 5.5 or have had enough experience with it to make that kind of call. I have many other Mfgs Simulator videos up, so keep that in mind when making a comment. To fly Aerofly 5.5 live is spectacular, as this video does not do justice to the graphics. But I think you get the idea. If you can’t see how good it is from my presentation, you might as well turn in your flying license and driving license. haha. The vid shows many aspects of the program but nowhere near all! I find it the most realistic looking and “feeling” Simulator I have owned or flown to date! I purchased the upgrade for 9 after shipping and taxes, since I already have Aerofly Pro Deluxe. (AFPD) The full version of Aerofly 5 costs 9 with the game commander TX. Ikarus EasyFly 4 is the small

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24 Responses to Ikarus Aerofly 5.5. Simulator. Here’s what you get.

  1. TheBeatSmith says:

    What graphics card would support this type of sim, anyone know?

  2. ipadize says:

    * description “grr” LMAO

  3. jbowne says:

    Most amazing flight physics. If you get a chance, you can do a whole video on just Dynamic Soaring – Nothing has ever come this close to match the feel of DSing, Slope Soaring or just thermaling. the windfield indicators are so amazing, you truly ‘feel’ the changing air pressures on the flying and control surfaces. Breathtaking!!!

  4. RainfulPhenix says:

    If this like Fsx? A lag software?
    Ive got a 2.1ghz dual core cpu and an ati radeon 3200 graphics card, which is pretty old.

  5. epic99jesus says:

    does the easyfly thing work for mac

  6. 2mnyshp says:


  7. invASIAN95 says:

    @crazyjamesbondnight it looks a lot more enjoyable than FSX?

  8. crazyjamesbondnight says:

    why buy this when u can buy fsx?

  9. southwest1998 says:

    oh no the rc p51 went overboard call the rc coast guard!

  10. norm53 says:

    as known,,im a real big fan of aerofly ,,,and one of the real big draws ,,was the abitity to download free planes and scenery,,this is my big question,,,does anyone know if this is possible with aerofly5.5?? i can report areofly pro deluxe has significantly improved my real time flying and i my control is done without thought ,,because of all the sim practice.

  11. triforceman12 says:

    I want to buy this SO MUCH!

    It’s far out of my price range right now, though.

  12. johnNYgoesLA says:

    hhaha this coment is killing me

  13. Dusty9261 says:

    14:04 wtf no multiplayer collisions! yeah im still thinking of getting realflight

  14. Riddlers99 says:

    sorry dude, but this effing music is giving me ear cancer.

  15. rcflyerAds says:

    How much was it?

  16. buderboi says:

    I had realflight 5.5,and aerofly pro deluxe. the older pro deluxe is way better than realflight.

  17. shebotnov says:

    waaay cheaper then crash your 1000 USD dollars Heli

  18. shebotnov says:

    I dont know what to get. Aerofly vs PhoenixRC vs G5.5.

  19. 12860682321 says:

    I do like the aerofly simulator but it doesn’t have the learning programs that realflight simulator have and that wall I really want to see in the simulator.

  20. DerFSXHeld says:

    thats bad 4 me that its so expensive!!! :*(

  21. 00herpderp00 says:

    Are these RC planes? Because they look REALLY small.

  22. coolkid8881231 says:

    you spent $300 on a simulator!!

  23. 2Aug2 says:

    I have AFPD right now. Should I buy the update to aerofly 5 or wait until aerofly 6? I don’t want to buy 5 and realize that 6 comes out a week later… Thanks!

  24. junincj says:

    NightFlyer Hey I was looking at some videos on realflight to see if he is really good, and I found your video talked about explaining everything, I found it amazing the graphic, the details, the gameplay among others, before I found the realflight good, but after this video, when you have money I will arrange my soon as possible.
    And congratulations for the quality of the video, not the image resolution, but the explanation.

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