Nerd³ Plays… OMSI – The Bus Simulator

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Second Channel! Nerd³ Twitter! Nerd³ Site! In this video I suddenly and inexplicably fall in love… There are three things a simulator needs to have in my opionin. One is interesting gameplay, two is an interesting world and three is an accurate simulation. Train Sim has 3 and about half of 2. Flight Simulator has 3 and every few hours 1. Farm sim has none of them. This is the first sim I’ve ever played that nails all three. The gameplay is smooth and interesting, the world is alive and full and the simulation is top notch. Huge marks for the amazing sound engine too. Plus it has all the detail and love you never see in bigger games. This is the best simulator I’ve ever played and I REALLY didn’t expect it to be more then a quick video of a bad game. If you have any love of gaming I suggest picking it up. Get the game now! All other Music is in game music. It makes me want to realise that the sound is so good it’s pretty much music. :p

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25 Responses to Nerd³ Plays… OMSI – The Bus Simulator

  1. Kevin Nguyen says:

    Run over PEOPLE!!

  2. ShadowDragon831 says:

    “oh that person is on the wrong side of the road……. OH ITS ME”

  3. whymustimakeachannel says:

    I was laughing so hard at this i nearly cried. You need to play more of this! Or more games similar to it x)

  4. jellycoco223 says:

    Facade. That would be amazing to see you try and win.

  5. jtmma1 says:


  6. jtmma1 says:

    19:14- 19:55

  7. ZechsMerquise73 says:

    I can just imagine this bus in the pitch black with no lights on at all coming at you XD

  8. ZechsMerquise73 says:

    This is a pretty impressive simulator. It looks pretty realistic to driving a larger vehicle, and the atmosphere is very nice aswell. When it was raining and he was playing with the doors, I was so into it I thought the light in my room behind me was the bus’ cab light XD

  9. paypointpal says:

    Don’t worry, the new Farming simulator trailer has gone up not long ago, bet you’re excited Nerd.? lol

  10. TheNinjaWolfie says:

    LOL Nerd! XD

  11. theflyingfish66 says:


    That’s what she said.

  12. sk8inkill says:

    What wrong with that? This is a public forum, and I felt like expressing my thoughts. You could have stopped reading my comment at “when he started”, but you went on, of your own free will.

  13. xBobby96 says:

    Lmao this made my day

  14. Birdman1point0 says:

    Think how horrible it must be for the drivers of the buses he decides to drive, one minute they’re just driving along, getting where they need to, the next they’re possessed by a insane person who doesn’t know what they’re doing and will ruthlessly destroy the environment, just because the rain sounds nice.

  15. sunderlandfan03 says:

    that looks hard

  16. 123435r33 says:

    That car is on the wrong side of the road Wait ITS ME

  17. merciless6000 says:

    Whenever you watch Nerd³ videos you’re guaranteed a good laugh. I actually realized he wasn’t driving with his headlights on at night and found it absolutly hilarious when he only realized near the end of the game.

  18. OKCBoy35 says:

    I was crying at this :L

  19. DDAssassin117 says:

    37:05 he was in the same bus! look at the side of it, the guy was still merged with the door

  20. TheSuperCoolKid100 says:

    44 people were omsi’s :)

  21. Monsterenumber1 says:

    People were having a good time in that car ^^

  22. Monsterenumber1 says:


  23. james98486 says:

    44 people have pet gophers.

  24. Edgars Kaminskis says:

    A month of OMSI please

  25. tjrieves says:

    That’s really profound.

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